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Denver Wood Slabs, Mantels & More

Whether you are a woodworker in need of great wood or a homeowner looking for a special piece for your home, we would love to help you.

ArborScape Wood Products is a local company committed to rercycle, reduce, and reuse of wood. We are a subsidiary of ArborScape Services, a Denver tree company that is well-known and well-loved in the Denver area for tree trimming and removal. And we hate waste.

Rather than sending our tree waste to the dump, we have started to mill the wood for home improvement projects and products. We work with woodworkers to make use of our leftovers to create beauty.

Our Wood Slabs

We have slabs of wood that are ready to go and some that still need some seasoning. We make sure our wood is at the proper moisture content before selling it to the public.

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Custom Projects

Do you want to design and build something but don’t have the equipment or skills? We can help. We have woodworkers on staff who can create rivertables, live edge mantels, and more.

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Our Local Woodworkers Network

We work with several woodworkers in the Denver Metro area. Use our page to find the woodworker who matches the style you are looking for

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Our Mill

At the end of just about every work, we spend some time milling as many of the trees we have cut down during the week. We love that the wood will continue on in a new form in someone’s home or business.

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